Friday, September 27, 2013

Holding Onto You book 2 in the Never Letting Go Series

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~~~Editorial Reviews

“Holding Onto You will entice you to learn more about Sophia and Adam in Reaching Out For You. The building of a foundation is what a great relationship needs. Holding Onto You lays that foundation. S. Moose lays a great foundation for Adam and Sophia in Holding Onto You.”
-Stephanie’s Book Reports

"A nice companion to Reaching Out For You, S.Moose's novella, Holding Onto You gives you an inside look at Adam's feelings for Sophia where you were not allowed into that side of the story before. I loved it, as any chance we get to see the male's POV in a book is great, and you can feel Adam's love for Sophia in every page of this short story. He really can't live without her."
-Kellie, My Fictional Boyfriend & Book Whore Page

“This is true love, "I would walk through the oceans and the depths of hell just to see that smile on her face." Sweet story of a boy after the love of his life. This book was so sweet, can't wait for the next!”
-Jodi, Butterflies, Books & Dreams

“True love knows no time or distance. Holding onto you is a sweet romance about finding your first love and never letting go.”
-Glenna Maynard, author of The Masquerade Series

"I love how I got to read what Adam thinks and feel his emotions on dealing the issues and bringing back Sophia into his life."
-Myra, Ms.ME28

“Holding Onto You is a sweetly addicting read! I absolutely loved these characters and didn’t want it to end.”
-Mary, Mary Elizabeth’s Crazy Book Obsession

“A touching love story that begins in childhood and blossoms into adulthood told from Adam’s point of view.”
-Jennifer, Read and Share Book Reviews

“Refreshing, enlightening, revealing. We learn more about Adam from his POV and how much his heart belongs to Sophia.”
-Danielle, Just Booked

“Amazing! This book shows so much growth from the first one, and I was happy to see things from Adam’s POV.”
-Dawn Martens author of Derek, co-author of the Resisting Love Series and Love Song Series

“Holding Onto You is a short, sweet story that will toy with your emotions! It’s the perfect edition to the Never Letting Go series and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can’t wait to read more!”
-Kendall, Book Crazy

“Heartfelt and emotional. Holding Onto You shows that love transcends time and distance.”
-Liz, Romance Addiction

“It's a beautiful POV of Adam, a story that pulls at your heart. The emotions described in the book is emotional with determination, it's left me wanting more! Looking forward to reading more books by S.Moose. Truly a talented writer with a bright future.”
-Rose, Forever Me Romance

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