Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 9, 2013 Happy One Year Pubversary to Me!

Yes I realize I'm 10 days late hehehe.

Wow I cannot believe its been one year since I hit publish on Reaching Out For You. I didn't really know what I was doing, and since then I've learned so much! Every day I'm learning something new and I would never change anything because we live and learn through our mistakes and experiences.

Since publishing Reaching Out For You, I hit publish 4 more times! FOUR! This journey has been incredible and I love it every single day. Sure I run into some issues, but you know what I feel blessed every day that I get to meet new people and follow my dreams.

Each book that I write connects to my life in one way or another. A piece of me is with you as you read and I can't thank you enough for taking a chance and supporting me.

With my fifth book, Vision of Love, I did something I never thought I would do-I ended with the dreaded cliffhanger!!!! To be honest, I loved it. To read each message and review with "WTF was that?" or "I need book 2 now!" or "I have to wait until August!" Those comments make me smile! When I read each review, good or bad, it helps me with the next book so thank you for taking the time to review!

My life is an emotional roller coaster. There's been times I ignored my family and friends and honestly, my husband, Kevin, and I went through a period of uncertainty. Mistakes and words were said, but now, we're good and in a place we both love.

Thank you for everything! Thank you to my author friends, the bloggers & most importantly the readers. Y'all are amazing <3

Cheers to another year of more book boyfriends, tears, laughs and heartbreak.


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