Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm With You by Glenna Maynard Review


Cutter and Bella are two broken souls walking around the world, trying to find meaning and purpose.

Bella experiences a great lost; losing her boyfriend Harlan to an accident that causes her to spend time in a hospital under the care of doctors. Her life is turned upside down and she's lost. She goes through the motions of everyday life until she meets Cutter at the bridge where he saves her. That moment brought me to tears. He holds her close and makes her promise him one year. His beautiful words are amazing and romantic. It's an instant attraction/crush.

There is a part in the story, their first time, where I had to stop reading. It took everything in me to finish the book and I'm so glad I did. Honestly, the darkness of that scene is necessary for this book. It portrays how broken Bella truly is but Cutter is her angel and he stays with her through it all.

Their love isn't like anything else. They go through the bad to get to the good. When we find out more about Cutter, it's something that stabs your heart and makes you break down and cry some more.

I wish there was more of a backstory between Bella and Harlan but I'm With You is a great story about finding love again and coming out of the darkness.



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