Sunday, November 3, 2013

In A Heartbeat by Liz King


In a Heartbeat by Liz King is her debut novel and wow is all I can say. This story is full of sadness, heart break, redemption and love. The plot and characters draw you in and keep you focused on their story. We get to see the growth of both characters, Lynae and Connor. 

The prologue reveals the pain Lynae experiences at such a young age and then fast forwards to the present time. She keeps to herself and has a few friends but you can tell she's scared to let anyone in until she meets the sexy, beautiful, broken and panty dropping Connor. 

When the two meet at a club, their attraction for one another is evident but then Lynae runs away because of a flashback from her past that still looms in her life. You think that Connor doesn't come back because she freaks him out but you're wrong. Connor sees Lynae again and wow hello!

With my finger still in my mouth I look up and see Connor standing across the street staring at me. Hie eyes are burning like fire. He looks like he wants to devour me. 

His nickname for her is sexy and adorable-"sweetness."

Lynae's scared but slowly her walls break down and lets Connor in. Their love grows and it's incredible to read. They both truly love and care for each other. Connor protects her with everything he is and puts her first. He helps her grow and she helps Connor as well but then Connor's past creeps up on him and it begins to destroy their relationship. 

Towards the end, Connor's insecurities appear and you just want to kick him for being a freaking idiot but then he snaps out of it. The ending is so good but there's a cliffhanger! I can't believe the ending and it makes me want more!

Liz King brings an incredible story to us and I can't wait to read more from her. 

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