Saturday, December 14, 2013

Infinite Desire by Danielle Jamie Blog Stop

Infinite Desire by Danielle Jamie is a great book and a great ending to Savannah and Kayden's story. This is book 4 of the Savannah Series and it just keeps getting better with each book. I love their chemistry and the mix of drama, passion, love and angst is all mixed into this book. Danielle brings in all the characters from her previous book and I love Brooklyn and Dixon's story even though I'm so Team Jax! But I did enjoy how their story played out.

There's more drama for Savannah and Kayden and it kills me! Everyone wants to see them break up but their love remains strong and demonstrates the saying "love conquers all."

The sex honestly keeps getting better! I actually am jealous of Savannah because OMG Kayden is a BEAST! 

I love Danielle's writing and how she can capture her readers with her words. Infinite Desire is a feel good book that makes you appreciate what you have. You feel everything that Savannah and Kayden feel-their happiness, sadness, anger and passion. 

This book definitely ends with a happily ever after! Savannah and Kayden get everything they've ever wanted. Great job Danielle!

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